Including all healthcare professionals,
To all of you who are assigned to work with the risk of infection
I thank you very much Thank you
#Rainbow baton
Also, for working parents, all of the nurseries that protect the lives and safety of children,
We thank our parents for raising their children at home.

Although the emergency declaration has been lifted, the situation remains unresolved.

Even in such a situation, we hope that children can enjoy their lives at ease,
We have prepared a face shield material that can be used in nursery schools and outdoors this time!
It is said that the coronavirus to be transmitted via the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.
By covering the entire face, you can prevent not only the virus from entering but also the face of yourself or your friends.

By all means, try making it with your children at the nursery or at home!
We hope that children can enjoy themselves and prevent infection by choosing their favorite designs and arranging them as they wish.
Let's download!
Choose your favorite animal and download it!
There are two types,colord and coloring, the size of the mask is "large" or "small"!
Large: Approximately 200 to 220 mm long x 180 to 200 mm wide
Small: Approximately 170 to 190 mm long x 150 to 170 mm wide
If the size does not fit, please enlarge/reduce when printing!
How to make a face shield
Let's make it according to the procedure!
What to prepare
Printing paper (A4 size)
Thick paper (drawing paper)
Plastic board (0.2mm is recommended)
(Sold at 100 yen shops etc.)
For cushion
(Mini hand towel, sponge, etc.)
Rubber band
Scotch tape
Double-sided tape
Tools for painting colors
*The above materials are examples. Let's make it using materials that are familiar to us.
Let's make it after downloading the pattern.
Make a mask!
Make a mask!
Print the downloaded illustration on A4 size paper.
(For fine adjustment, enlarge or reduce the size when printing.)
Mountain fold the dotted line on the printed paper, cut it around the animal, and then cut out the belly (or mouth).
If you have printed a coloring page, paint your favorite color!
Let's make a head band.
Let's make a head band.
Cut thick paper to a length of about 25 mm x 540 mm.
(It is OK to connect in the middle.)
* You can make it with one piece if it is a quarter size of drawing paper (380 mm × 540 mm)!
Secure the band to the back of mask with tape.
Let's stick a plastic board!
Let's stick a plastic board!
Cut the plastic board slightly smaller than the size of your face mask.
(The red dotted line is the size of the plastic plate.)
Fix the cut plastic board on the back side of the surface with cellophane tape.
(Keep the tape out of the window.)
Let's put on a cushion!
Let's put on a cushion!
A sponge or a mini hand towel folded into a rectangle is fixed by sticking double-sided tape on the forehead as a cushion.
Adjust the cushion size, thickness and position!
Let's fasten the band!
Let's fasten the band!
Bend both ends of the band and attach a rubber band.
Adjust the length of the band by actually wearing a mask!
Face shield is completed!
Face shield is completed!
The face shield is completed.
Let's make another mask!
*Please be careful about heat stroke before using.
Example of face shield installation
in front
in front
in front


The design and production method will be updated from time to time.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any opinions or requests regarding use.

We will strive to make further improvements based on your valuable opinions and requests.
Thank you.